CHIC in 2015 Hanover, CeBIT


As the world's major international science and technology industry exhibition - 2015 Hanover, CeBIT on March 16th to 20th 2015, a lot of manufacturers and industry experts from around the world are gathered here in Hanover, Germany.
China is one of the CeBIT 2015 official cooperation partners, more than 600 Chinese companies participate in this exhibition. Hangzhou Chic intelligent technology co., LTD., as a balanced scooter supplier, also attended this 2015 annual feast.
Chic, the leading brand in electric balanced scooter industry, which is famous by it’s fashion design, stable performance, simple operation attracts a lot of buyers come to our booth to try our scooter. Our booth becomes the hot one in the fair.
CHIC - SMART series, with light, concise, fashion design, the performance of the SMART, get the attention of the young people
CHIC - LS city life series, has neat appearance, whether to travel for pleasure, or tourism, is an excellent tool for you.
 CHIC - JAZZ police balanced electric scooter , become a hot product in exhibition. It’s unique appearance, full of strength design, superior performance, comparable to the mercedes-benz in scooter.
We will keep moving for customers’ trust, try to provide better and better products.
Until now, the CeBIT is end